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So, you've heard about elk antler and are trying to determine why you should buy your dog an antler, and which one is the best. Let us help.

Why Antlers?
-Antler chews offer a longer lasting alternative to bully sticks, safer alternative to bones and healthy alternative to rawhides and preservative filled dog chews with no odor and minimal mess
-Antlers are naturally shed year after year offering a sustainable and cruelty free alternative to bones and bully sticks while being an easily digestible form of calcium

Which Antlers are Best?
-There are several varieties of antlers…Deer, Elk and Moose. Deer antlers are the least expensive, but hard and dense, while they may last longer, they have a greater chance of splintering or breaking teeth. Elk Antlers are safer, have more marrow, and are more palatable than deer antlers. Moose Antlers are loved by dogs, but they are rarer and the most expensive of antlers. Many suppliers mix varieties and qualities of antlers without telling you to lower their costs.

Why Whole Antlers versus Split Antlers?
Whole antlers have fewer chances of splintering and last longer as split antlers get chewed faster because the dog can strip the marrow more quickly

We pay more for our antlers to guarantee you are receiving 100% Grade A Elk Antler Chews that have been hand collected and prepared for your dog here in the USA. Thus, we promise your dog (or puppy) will love their antler and soon (but not too soon) be begging for their next one. If not, we guarantee a complete refund.

Please carefully remove (and replace) the antler from your dog before it becomes small enough to swallow and too hard to chew

We hope you choose to buy your furry friend an Elk Antler Chew from Chipper Critters today.